Dog Licenses

Sale of 2020 dog licenses is over.  We should be receiving 2021 dog licenses around the first or second week of December.  Please call our office at 610-869-2792 before arriving to make sure we have the dog licenses.  If you receive a post card from the County regarding your dog license, please bring that with you to our office, this will avoid you from having to fill out the form.

2020 Dog licenses can be purchased at the Borough Office (during our regular business hours) or the Treasurers Office in West Chester (call 610.344.6370 for their hours).  For lifetime licenses you must go to the Treasurer’s Office.  We do not sell the lifetime licenses at the Borough Office.  Website:  Chester County Treasurer’s Office

If you received the post card from the County reminding you it’s time to renew your pets license, please bring the card with you, it will save you from having to fill out the form at the office.

Prices are as follows:

Regular Fee:
Male – $8.50, Neutered Male – $6.50, Female – 8.50, Sprayed Female – $6.50

Senior Citizen or Person with Disability (must have proof):
Male – $6.50, Neutered Male – $4.50 Female – $6.50, Sprayed Female – $4.50


West Grove Borough offers Notary Service. The cost is $2.00 a seal. The service is available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please call 610-869-2792 before arriving to be sure our office is open and the Notaries are available.

Appliance Pickup

Appliances containing freon (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) and televisions can be picked up curbside for a $20.00 fee. Call the Borough office to schedule an appliance pickup – 610-869-2792.


If you would like to have tree limbs chipped, please call the Borough at 610-869-2792 to get a quote. The diameter of a limb for chipping is 14″.

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