Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program is an initiative of the Internal Revenue Service that provides free tax preparation and filing for low and moderate income households, people with disabilities, and those with limited English proficiency.


Life Transforming Ministries (LTM) will have preparation sites throughout Chester County for anyone interested in having their taxes prepared by the VITA Program. Due to the pandemic, the program is offering DROP-OFF Services Only this year. Drop off locations will open beginning Monday January 31, 2022. 


Click below for an updated list of site locations, times, and important documents that are needed.


Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Approves PECO Rate Increase

Please click on the below link for further details:
PECO Increase

PECO Ambassador Toolkit:
With energy prices poised to rise nationwide this winter, it is important for customers to know how to prepare for the impact on their bills.  Whether that is through energy efficiency methods such as managing the thermostat wisely, or applying for financial assistance, PECO has a variety of solutions to help customers decreaes their energy bills.  Below are some of these options:

 EE Thermostat:
     Energy prices are posied to rise nationwide this winter, but @pecoconnect customers can take
     advantage of enery efficiency tips and programs to save.  Learn more at:
     EE Thermostat

     Need help paying your winter energy bills?  @PECOconnect encourages eligible customers
     to apply for the LIHEAP program, which offers up to $1,500 to help manage energy costs
     and ensure service during the heating season.  Learn more at:

Monitor Use:
     Did you know you can track your energy use, set up high usage alerts, get tips on how to
     reduce energy costs, and learn which appliances use the most energy by logging into your
     @pecoconnect account?  Get started at:
     Monitor Use

Shop for Supplier:
     Energy prices are posied to rise nationwide this winter, but @pecoconnect customers may be
     able to save money by shoppping for natural gas with a competitive supplier.  Learn more at:
     Shop for Supplier


Job openings for other municipalities

The Borough Manager receives job openings for other Municipalities and we like to pass them along to our residents in case someone is looking for employment or you have a family member or friend needing a job.  

Borough of Malvern – Public Works Member

Borough of Malvern – Part time Admin Assistant

Borough of Malvern – Office Coordinator

Solebury Township – Manager

Schuykill Township – Admin Assistant

West Goshen Township – Assistant Township Manager













No Plastic Bags, No Pizza Boxes

Beginning the week of October 19th, we will begin to reject improperly presented recyclables to avoid possible new charges from SECCRA if we do not keep our stream of recycling materials clean. We need everybody’s help to accomplish this.

No Plastic Bags
SECCRA, where the recyclables we collect are processed, will no longer accept recycling in plastic bags — no trash bags or retailer bags. These bags clog the processing machines and are THE number one contaiminate in the recycling process. Single use retailer bags should be saved and recycled at your retailer of choice. Giant and Lowe’s both have collection boxes at their entrances.

No Pizza Boxes
SECCRA will not accept pizza boxes.



It’s a Toilet, Not a Trash Can!

It’s a Toilet, Not a Trash Can!

Please see the following important list of things that should not be placed into the sewer system either via your toilets or sink drains. One thing that’s not on the list and we’ve encountered are Swiffer cleaning pads. Any of the items on the list can cause lift station pumps to clog which has happened recently. Flushable wipes are also not something that should be flushed regardless of the marketing of the product.

Please be diligent and throw away anything on this list.


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