Community Warehouse Project of Chester County

Do you have gently used furniture and/or housewares you no longer need or use ?  Do you want to avoid throwing these things in the trash?  Community Warehouse Project might be the place for you.  We collect gently used furniture items and housewares at our warehouse in West Chester.  Working with other local agencies who identify clients in need,  we help families and veterans affected by homelessness, domestic violence, and other crises. 

 We believe our mission is to turn empty houses into homes of hope. We give furniture and housewares to an average of 6 to 10 Chester County households each week.  We need more help than ever before and you can help by simply donating a piece of furniture.

What our families need most right now:


                Kitchen tables & chairs


                Coffee Tables & End Tables



                Mattresses & Box Springs with No Stains (especially twins & queens)

                Sheets & Blankets

Click here for more details.

 Please go to our web site for details   ;  call 484 473 4360 or email

Thank you for your support of our Chester County families, individuals and veterans !

Christmas Tree Pickup

West Grove Borough employees will be collecting Christmas trees until the end of January 2023.  Please be sure all lights and decorations are removed before placing it out at the curbside.

Job openings for other municipalities

New Household Hazardous Event Procedures



The public can register through our webpage:

There is also a slide show on that webpage that answers many questions about our events.

We have four more events planned in 2022, in May (Pottstown), June (Coatesville), August (Lower Oxford)
and October (West Chester).

Registration is REQUIRED for all HHW events, and registration takes place ONLINE only at:

Registrations will begin about a month before each event, so check the web page.

How Can I Dispose Of?


No Plastic Bags, No Pizza Boxes

Beginning the week of October 19th, we will begin to reject improperly presented recyclables to avoid possible new charges from SECCRA if we do not keep our stream of recycling materials clean. We need everybody’s help to accomplish this.

No Plastic Bags
SECCRA, where the recyclables we collect are processed, will no longer accept recycling in plastic bags — no trash bags or retailer bags. These bags clog the processing machines and are THE number one contaiminate in the recycling process. Single use retailer bags should be saved and recycled at your retailer of choice. Giant and Lowe’s both have collection boxes at their entrances.

No Pizza Boxes
SECCRA will not accept pizza boxes.



It’s a Toilet, Not a Trash Can!

Please see the following important list of things that should not be placed into the sewer system either via your toilets or sink drains. One thing that’s not on the list and we’ve encountered are Swiffer cleaning pads. Any of the items on the list can cause lift station pumps to clog which has happened recently. Flushable wipes are also not something that should be flushed regardless of the marketing of the product.

Please be diligent and throw away anything on this list.


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