It’s a Toilet, Not a Trash Can!

Please see the following important list of things that should not be placed into the sewer system either via your toilets or sink drains. One thing that’s not on the list and we’ve encountered are Swiffer cleaning pads. Any of the items on the list can cause lift station pumps to clog which has happened recently. Flushable wipes are also not something that should be flushed regardless of the marketing of the product.

Please be diligent and throw away anything on this list.


New Household Hazardous Event Procedures



The public can register through our webpage:

There is also a slide show on that webpage that answers many questions about our events.

We have four more events planned in 2022, in May (Pottstown), June (Coatesville), August (Lower Oxford)
and October (West Chester).

Registration is REQUIRED for all HHW events, and registration takes place ONLINE only at:

Registrations will begin about a month before each event, so check the web page.


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